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How to monitor an Expected Visitor List
How to monitor an Expected Visitor List
Updated over a week ago

An Expected Visitor List is a great way to keep track and monitor the people that are expected to view a Document. Once created, an Expected Visitor List will be applied across all Document Versions in your account, making it easy to view the data.

Begin by navigating to the Version that you would like to check an Expected Visitor List for.

💡 Not sure how to find a Version? Select 'Documents' from the main menu followed by ‘Search’, and navigate to the Document that it's saved in.

  • Select ‘Manage Version’ for the Version, followed by ‘Analytics’.

The Version Dashboard will then open and all Expected Visitor Lists will be shown in the 'Expected Visitors' panel, along with a Visits percentage.


66.7% of people on the Sales Team have visited so far, compared to 0% of the Finance and Sales Team.

  • Click on a percentage for a more detailed breakdown.

You will then be presented with a pie chart of data and two tables containing the email address of the people that have 'Visited' and 'Not Visited'. Both lists can be downloaded for your reporting needs.

💡 Download a spreadsheet of 'Not Visited' email addresses and use as a contact list to send an email reminder asking your team to visit the Document.

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