Locking Interactivity
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Locking Interactivity is a really useful feature to use when designing a template. It prevents pieces of Interactivity from being edited or removed, safeguarding certain elements from being tampered with or accidently altered.


Betamota use a template for their Employee Offer packs. To ensure the 'Roles and Responsibilities' section remains remain correct they can lock the contents and settings of the Interactivity in the template. When the template is used the Interactivity is locked and can't be altered. Simple!

How to Lock Interactivity

  • Navigate to a Document.

  • Select ‘Interactivity’ for the version of the Document.

  • Click on the piece of Interactivity that you would like to set as Mandatory.

  • Select the 'Interactivity' palette found at the top right of your page.

  • Select the padlock icon.

  • You will then see the option to ‘Lock Position & Settings’ and ‘Lock Content’.

  • Tick the required option(s) - more detail below!

Lock Position & Settings

Selecting this option will lock the position and settings of the piece of Interactivity.

For example:

  • You won’t be able to move the position of an on-page video as the Position is locked.

  • You won't be able to change the keyline colour of a More Information option pop-up box as the Settings are locked.

Lock Content

Selecting this option will lock the content of the piece of Interactivity.

For example:

  • The text in a More Information pop-up cannot be altered as the Content is locked.

  • The images used in an Image Gallery cannot be altered as the Content is locked


Katie is responsible for creating the Employee Offer template. She has positioned a More Information pop-up box containing important details over the 'Your Working Hours' panel. She doesn't want the position or content to be altered when the template is used, so has locked the Interactivity.

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