If you are having trouble inviting your agent, check out our troubleshooting guide below.

If you're an employer using Payroller, you might want to give your accountant/bookkeeper/tax agent access to your payroll.

To do so, click on the button that says 'Invite Accountant'.

A pop-up will appear. Enter the email of your accountant/bookkeeper/tax agent and press 'Send Invitation'.

Your accountant/bookkeeper/tax agent will be sent an email with a link for them to click on which will allow them to access your payroll data.

Your accountant/bookkeeper/tax agent will need to accept this invitation within a certain time frame. If the link has expired by the time they click on it, just follow the same steps as before to resend it.

If your accountant/bookkeeper/tax agent doesn't receive this email, ask them to check their spam or junk folder. If it still can't be found, reach out to us at hello@payroller.com.au or the support chat for assistance.

Having trouble inviting your agent to connect?

If you cannot see the invite accountant button this could be due to one of three reasons

  1. Your screen resolution may be preventing you from seeing the option

  2. You may have already connected your agent

  3. You may have changed your client account to an agent account.

Screen resolution

To troubleshoot the first case, zoom out of the screen by selecting ctrl - on PC OR command - on Mac. If you have done so and you cannot see the invite accountant on the left side then follow the next step

Already connected agent

To review the second case, go to settings > Organisation settings > Linked agent and check to see if you have an agent connected. If you already have an agent connected and you would like to change the agent connected

Accidentally changed client account to agent account

If you don't have these options available and your screen looks like the following you may have accidentally changed your account to an agent account we will need to change this back. Please provide your login email to us on the support chat or hello@payroller.com.au for us to change your account back.

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