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Learn how to add a fringe benefit deduction to a pay run in Payroller

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Learn how to add a fringe benefit in Payroller with our simple guide below.

For recording fringe benefits on Payroller you will need to first check whether this fringe benefit is reportable or non-reportable to the ATO.

If the fringe benefit is

  • Non-reportable these will not be sent through to the ATO but can be recorded on the payslip for your employees.

  • Reportable these are separated into either taxable or exempt and are reported through to the ATO and is only available to be entered on finalisation on Payroller.

To check whether your fringe benefit is non-reportable or reportable please get in contact with your accountant or the ATO to confirm. The ATO also has some helpful information on fringe benefits to assist you.

To add a Non-reportable fringe benefit deduction to a pay run

Please note that a non-reportable fringe benefit are not reported through to the ATO, entering these in the pay run will not reduce the gross ordinary work hours amount upon finalisation. You will need to make sure on finalisation to reduce the ordinary work hour gross by the non-reportable fringe benefit amount.

Step 1: Click on '+ New Pay Run'.

Step 2: Customise the Pay Run Period, the Pay Period Ending date, and the Payment Date and select ‘Lets Start!’.

Step 3: Click on 'More'.

SStep 4: Select ‘Deduction’.

Step 5: Change the deduction option to a ‘Non-reportable fringe benefit’.

Step 6: Enter the fringe benefits amount.

Once you have finalised the pay run you will be able to see the Fringe Benefit on the employee's payslip.

To add a Reportable fringe benefit

Adding reportable fringe benefits is only available on finalisation on and is not available to be added on payslips.

To add a reportable fringe benefit please follow our simple guides below.

Step 1: Select 'Finalise STP'.

Step 2: Select the correct financial year.

Step 3: ‘View & adjust’ for your employee.

Step 4: Scroll down to Reportable fringe benefits.

If your fringe benefit is taxable enter the gross amount in RFB taxable.

If your fringe benefit is exempt enter the gross amount in RFB exempt.

The amounts you enter here are the grossed-up year-to-date taxable total of the fringe benefits provided to a payee in the fringe benefits tax (FBT) year (1 April to 31 March) specific to each RFB Exemption Status Code.

Step 5: Once you have added the amounts select ‘Done’ on the employee.

Step 6: ‘View & adjust’ for any other employees and Select ‘Finalise STP’.

Step 7: Select ‘Submit STP’.

Your finalisation has now been submitted.

Please note that you can finalise your STP as many times as required but please click the ‘Finalise STP’ button once and wait 72 hours for this submission to go through before clicking this button again.

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