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At the end of each financial year, you will need to notify the ATO that you have finished reporting STP for your employees for the financial year. This is called a finalization declaration.

In this guide we will go over

Option 1: In your final pay run

Go about adding the pay run as usual.

Once you get to the Review section, there will be a heading that says EOFY Final.

Underneath the heading will be boxes that you can tick.

Tick the boxes for all the employees that you wish to finalise reporting for the relevant financial year.

Click Save or Save & Send Payslips and fill out the STP declaration.

The ATO will now be notified that you have finished STP reporting for the financial year.

If you have already finished your final pay run and you didn’t tick these boxes, you can edit the pay run and tick the boxes. From there, you will need to report STP for a second time.

If you accidentally ticked this box before you realised what it meant, go back and edit the pay run you did it on. Untick the boxes and resubmit STP.

Option 2: Using the 'Finalise STP' feature

Click on 'Finalise STP'.

Select the financial year you are finalising STP for.

Select 'View & Adjust' for the first employee.

Adjust the YTD Summary as needed and Click 'Done'.

The Gross Payments section in Finalise STP (2019-20) should NOT include allowances or salary sacrifice.

Please note that if you are currently on STP Phase 2 each figure is reported individually and therefore Ordinary time earnings are inclusive of amounts that have been salary sacrificed. There are also additional allowance types.

Repeat the process for any other employees.

Once you have finished your adjustments and would like to submit STP, click 'Finalise STP'.

If you have made some changes to your finalisation but would like to finalise STP at a later stage you can select "Save", which will save your changes as a draft

Complete the STP declaration and select Submit STP

You can edit and finalise STP a number of times. Any edits and additional finalization submissions will update the previous STP finalisation for that financial year.

Different finalisation status and what they mean

There are four different types of statuses for STP finalisation.

  • Draft: Any adjustments that are saved but not yet finalized for STP.

  • Pending: Once you submit STP, this will show up as pending till it has been finalised from the ATO.

  • Finalised: STP that has been finalized and submitted to the ATO.

  • STP Failed: STP could not be submitted to the ATO

During the end of financial year, there may be some delays in processing, due to an increase in submissions during this time. Please allow up to 2 - 3 business days for processing. If your status has not changed to finalised OR it has been changed to finalised but has not been updated on your ATO portal, please feel free to resubmit the STP finalisation again and if it still does not submit please contact us at

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