Some frequently asked questions on regards to 2 factor authentication

I lost/changed my phone how do I reset my 2FA code?

  • Step 1: Log in to and on the 2FA page, select “Lost Authenticator”.

  • Step 2: Click the link sent to your email to reset your QA code

  • Step 3: Log in to payroller and you should now see a new QR code for you to scan.

  • Step 4: Scan the code with your authenticator app

Check out this guide for assistance

Please note: “Lost Authenticator” link will not be available if you have previously ticked “remember me for 30 days” If this is the case, you will need to wait 30 days before you can reset your QR code for your 2 FA. You will not need 2FA to log in during this time.

Can I move my QR code from one phone to another?

  • You can export/import your accounts using the google authenticator app on your previous phone which will generate a QR code for you to scan on your new device.

    • Step 1: On your google authenticator app select the three dots on the top right

    • Step 2: Select transfer accounts

    • Step 3: Select export on your old device

    • Step 4: Download the google authenticator app and select import account

How come I'm not receiving the email code when I “verify via email”?

  • Step 1: Check that the email address you have used is correct

  • Step 2: Check your spam folder

  • Step 3: Check your email security settings to make sure that Payroller has not been blocked.

  • Step 4: Reach out to us at to see if the email has been sent from Payroller.

Why does the verification code I enter not work?

  • Some reasons why your code may not be working could be

    • Verify via email code issues

      • If you have sent yourself a “verify via email” code multiple times it may delay you from receiving the newest code to log in to payroller. If this is the case, please wait a few minutes before trying again.

    • QR codes issues

      • Authentication Codes are time-sensitive and will expire in 30 seconds.

      • You may be attempting to use a code from the wrong account.

How do I resolve the 'Date and Time sync error' that pops up when I try to sign in with 2FA?

  • Make sure the date and time on the computer match what's on google authenticator.

  • Sync the date and time on google-authenticator

    • Step 1: Open the google authenticator app

    • Step 2: Select the three dots on the top right

    • Step 3: Select 'Settings'

    • Step 4: Select 'Time Correction for codes'

    • Step 5: Select 'Sync now'

  • You could also download the google authenticator extension plugin on your google chrome on the computer.

    • Follow the steps to reset your QR code

    • Select the plug-in icon on the top right,

    • Select the square scan icon on the top right and

    • Click and drag across the QR code to capture the code.

  • If the QR code does not seem to work you can also verify via email..

  • If all of the above does not seem to work you may need to reset your QR code

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