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Tali ParentPay - Map Accounts/Payment Items
Tali ParentPay - Map Accounts/Payment Items

Mapping Tali accounts with ParentPay payment items (accounts)

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Use this screen to map Tali accounts with ParentPay Payment Item accounts to ensure that the transactions import into the correct names and accounts in Tali from ParentPay.

To ensure that Tali knows that transactions coming into an account are Gift Aidable transactions, select the Gift Aid? check box.

You will need to map a Tali account when you create a payment item in ParentPay which has Gift Aidable transactions that you need to import into Tali. However, you will only see the new payment item in Tali after the first transaction is processed.

To map Tali accounts to ParentPay payment items:

  1. Select the Tali Account name to match the ParentPay Payment Item.

  2. Ensure that you have Gift Aid? selected for the transaction so that Tali knows the transactions are Gift Aidable.

  3. Against any ParentPay payment items you don't need to import (i.e. any that are not Gift Aid transactions) click the Hide button in the Hide Payment Items column.

  4. Click Map Payment Items.

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