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Tali - Import Batches of Pupil Names
Tali - Import Batches of Pupil Names

Import a batch of names in a CSV file in Tali

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This article describes how to import a batch of names if these are prepared as a Comma-separated Value (CSV) file.ย 

An example CSV format for import is below and can also be found for download here:

Forename, Surname, UPN, date_of_birth, Class, Reg, Year, group, school_name, email, phone,contact_name, street, town, county, postcode

If you want to add names individually, see the Article, Create Pupil Names Manually.
If you are not pulling names from ParentPay, then you can use MISapp with SIMS. For more information, see the Article, Importing Names using MISapp with SIMS.

Import Pupil Names in a CSV file

  1. Select Administration > Manage Names.

  2. Click Import Names.

  3. Click Choose file to select the CSV file you want to upload.

  4. Click Upload.

  5. Select each of the Names in the list that you want to import.

  6. Click Import Names.

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