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Create Accounts in Tali

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Use this screen to create user accounts. These are equivalent to individual columns on a manual ledger and help you to report on income and expenditure for different items, e.g events, locations or classes. There is no limit on the number of accounts you can have.

Create an account

  1. Select Administration > Manage Accounts.

  2. Select Create New Account.

  3. Enter a unique Account Code.

  4. Enter an Account Name.

  5. Select In Use to ensure you can select the account on the system.

  6. Select Share Balances to enable sharing the balances with parents.

  7. Select Donation Account if the account is for collecting donations.

  8. Enter the Opening Balance for the account.

  9. Enter a Budget value for the account.

  10. If you want to use the report, Who's Not Paid (for more information, see the Article, Who’s not paid), enter a Unit Cost (cost per pupil head).

  11. Select which Groups the account Belongs To by clicking the group name in the left-hand window and see it automatically appear in the right-hand window.

  12. If you need to create a new group, enter the name in the New Group field.
    When you click Save, it will automatically be stored as a group the account belongs to.

  13. Click Save.

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