Use this screen to see individual pupil balances.

Find Pupils

  • Enter the Name you want to find (if you know it) in the Filter box.

  • Use the Filter to shorten the list of names that is displayed, by entering a character or characters you think are in the name.

  • If you aren’t sure if the name is out of use, you can show or hide out of use names in the following way:
    To show out of use names, click Show out of use. Out of use names are shown greyed out in the List of Names.T
    o hide out of use names, click Hide out of use. Only in use names are shown in the List of Names.

  • Use the paging controls  to check for the name you want on another page.

See the Balance of a Pupil's Account

  1. Select the Account.

  2. Select the Group, if applicable.

  3. Select the Date From/To dates.

  4. To see all balances, including paid balances, select Show Paid Balances. If you only want to see outstanding balances, clear the Show Paid Balances check box.

  5. Click Search.

  • Click Print.

Export Balances

  • Export a list of balances to a comma-separated value (CSV) file by clicking Export CSV. This list is downloaded as name_summary.csv.

Note: It is your responsibility to handle personal data in accordance with Data Protection legislation.

View what has been taken in different ways

  • To see what items have been taken, use Catering > Taken Items.

  • To see what items a pupil has been recorded against, use Catering > Statement.

  • To see the total number of free meals and universal free school meals, use Register > Catering Free School Meals.

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