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Tali sQuid - Map sQuid Offers to Tali Accounts
Tali sQuid - Map sQuid Offers to Tali Accounts

Map sQuid offers to Tali accounts in Tali Office

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Use the Match Payment Items if you want to import transactions from sQuid into Tali. No transactions will be imported until you map sQuid offers to Tali accounts.

Note: If you don’t select an account for an offer, the transactions for the offer won’t be imported. So if there is a reason you don’t want to import the transactions for the offer, for example, the offer relates to school meals which are not relevant to your school fund, don’t map the offer to an account.

Map Offers to Accounts

  1. Use the Filter to find specific names to map.

  2. Select the sQuid Offer Name to map to the Tali Account.

  3. Click Map Payment Items.
    Once imported, the transactions show in Tali against the correct user accounts and names. The money is added to the sQuid Settlement Account.

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