Within Tali you are required to have a sQuid Settlement Account that all of the money is imported into. 

Once your sQuid transactions have started Importing into Tali you will see the sQuid Settlement Bank Account credited with ‘Virtual’ money.

Transfer the amount

Once you have imported your transactions, you will be able to transfer the total Transaction amount from the Settlement Account to your chosen Bank Account by doing the following:

  1. Open Bank & Cash > Transfer Between Bank Accounts.

  2. Transfer from Settlement Account.

  3. Transfer to desired bank account to reconcile.

  4. Enter Amount.

  5. Enter Date.

Record charges

After the transfer(s) are complete, you must now record any ‘bank charges’ back into the Settlement Account. To do this, you must have a user account set up labelled sQuid Bank Charges. For more information, see Manage Accounts.

You must record an expenditure transaction (Direct Debit) back against the sQuid Settlement Bank account for the amount needed. This will reduce the Settlement Bank account to now include your charges.

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