You are required to have a ParentPay Settlement Account that all of the money is imported into. 

Once your ParentPay transactions have started Importing into Tali you will see the ParentPay Settlement Bank Account credited with ‘Virtual’ money.

Transfer Amount

Once you have received your bank statement you will be able to transfer the total transaction net amount credited on your bank statement from the ParentPay Settlement Account to your chosen Bank Account so you can reconcile the bank statement in Tali.

  1. Open Bank & Cash > Transfer between Bank Accounts

  2. Select the Transfer From Settlement Account.

  3. Select the Transfer To Bank Account.

  4. Enter Amount.

  5. Enter Date of the Transfer - that you see on your bank statement

  6. Click Transfer.

For more information, see the Article, Transfer between Bank Accounts.

Record Expenditure

You can then record expenditure in Tali for the debited fees, the difference between the net amount paid to you and the gross amount paid by the parents on your Bank Account Statement to balance your ParentPay Settlement Account.

Note: You can find these transaction service invoices in ParentPay in the reporting section.

  1. Open Transactions > Record Expenditure.

  2. Select the ParentPay Settlement Bank Account.

  3. Enter the transaction details and select Direct Debit for the Type against the ParentPay Settlement Bank Account.

  4. Click Save and then split the payment to the different accounts if you want.

For more information, see the Article, Record Expenditure.

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