You can process the ParentPay transaction invoices (from ParentPay>Finance>Reports) via Tali>Transactions>Record Expenditure, against usually the PARENT>ParentPay transaction fees account.

Fill out the transaction details as follows:

  1. The type must be a Direct Debit

  2. The bank must be the 'Settlement' account

  3. The name is usually 'ParentPay Ltd'

  4. Select 'Save' and then you can split the fees against the different account codes using the ParentPay settlement statement (ParentPay>Reports>Settlement Service Statements>Filter Date>Filter Bank>Show report) as your guide from ParentPay for the week in question

You can then split the expenditure if you wish via the bar at the top of the screen once you have saved your 'Record Expenditure';

Your split-screen would look something like this;

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