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Manage period end in Tali

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Below is the outline of everything that you need to do to close the period end.

Note: If you feel you want help in closing down period end, you can book and pay for a session with Pebble Support to help you to this. Please contact Pebble Support for more details.

Important Checks

Before closing your period end, we recommend that you:

  • Ensure that your pupil data is up-to-date, especially if you import online payment transactions. If you use third party software, such as ParentPay or sQuid, ensure that you map all relevant unmapped transactions. Once you do the period end you won't be able to import retrospective transactions from the previous year. To do this, use ParentPay > Unmapped transactions or sQuid > Map Offers to Accounts.

  • Ensure all of the in-use bank account statements are reconciled up-to and including your period end date. To do this, go to Bank & Cash > Reconcile a Bank Statement.
    Note: Action this for all bank accounts including those with zero transactions.

  • Make any adjustments to your closing balances - Increase/decrease any balances by transferring in or out of these accounts. Zero any bank balances that do not need to be in your period end by transferring money out of these accounts

Closing your Period End

This is achieved using the options:

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