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View opening balances in Tali

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Use this screen to check that the money you have in your bank accounts on the left hand side of the screen matches the money which you hold in your user accounts on the right hand side of the screen. 

If there is a difference you must try to find out why - it may be something as simple as entering an incorrect value in a transaction.

For more information on managing your period end, see the Article, Manage Period End.

View Opening Balances

  • Select Administration > View Opening Balances.

The Period Beginning and Difference amounts are displayed at the top of the screen.
A difference value of 0 (zero) indicates that your balances in your bank accounts match the balances in your user accounts. 

If the difference value is anything else then you must find out why and correct the imbalance as you won't be able to close a financial period until the Difference is 0 (zero). See the next section, Deal with a difference below.

Deal with a difference

It is very important to stress that both balances must correctly match what is on the system for your bank accounts and for your user accounts. 

Although you can adjust the bank account balance if it is incorrect (see the Article, Edit Bank Accounts), and you can adjust the user account balance (see the Article, Edit Accounts), we DON'T recommend taking this short-cut to get your accounts to balance. 

Entering a transaction - either anew if you had not entered it before, or as a contra-entry to cancel a mistaken entry - is the best way to get your accounts to balance as this provides traceability when you come to audit your accounts.

So we recommend you try the following steps:

  1. Before entering any transactions, cancel the draft period end (if you have already created it).  
    When you create a draft period end, the opening balances are locked (draft) ready for close-down and entering transactions (e.g. reconciling, or paying-in etc) will not alter these opening balances unless you have cancelled the draft period end. For more information, see the Article, Period End.

  2. Check whether all bank statements been reconciled for the current period? If so, the difference is probably caused by an entry or missing entry in one or more user accounts.

  3. Check whether you have you paid into the bank all the cash you have received? If not, then more money may show up in the user accounts than in the bank account.

  4. Use Reports > Accounts Summary to check the receipts and payments values on the user accounts and use Reports > Search Account Balances to find specific transactions entered on specific accounts. 

  5. Print out your Cancelled Transactions report by selecting Reports > List of Cancellations.

Important! If you can't identify the cause of the imbalance and rectify it on your own, contact Pebble Support for assistance. Pebble offers a Year End Service for a fee.

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