In order to run the Who’s Not Paid report, a Unit Cost must be assigned to an account. It will also be helpful to add the Student/Staff into a Named Group to make searching easier.

To add Students and Staff to a group, please see the Article, Manage Groups of Names.

To add a Unit Cost, see the Article, Edit Account Details.

To see who hasn’t paid

  1. Select Reports > Who’s Not Paid.

  2. Select the Account you need to view (this will only show those accounts with Unit Costs).

  3. Select any Dates you want to limit the search to.

  4. Select either the Year, Class or Group you want to view.

  5. If you also want to include in the report all the ones who have paid in Full, then select the box for Show Paid Balances before clicking Search.

  6. Click Search.
    This then produces a list of names with their payments and Outstanding Balances.


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