You can create a link between Tali and ParentPay using the ParentPay tab in Tali which will export some or all of your cash, cheques and direct credit transactions from Tali to ParentPay so parents can see what they have paid.

Important! You will need to contact Pebble Support to use this for the first time as this involves the activation of a second tab on this screen called Set Primary Payment Item. Once that has been done, follow the instructions below.

  1. Within Tali go to ParentPay > Map Accounts/Payment Items.

  2. Choose Set Primary Payment Item.

  3. Match the Account Code (from Tali) on the left with the corresponding Payment Item in ParentPay.
    Note: Please be aware that you can only choose to map one Payment Item to one Tali Account; you might have several payment items mapped to one account code in Tali on the Match Payment Items tab but you cannot export back in the same way. Ignore any payment items that you do not want to map, for example, parents do not need to see what has been paid by cash, cheque etc.

  4. Click Set Primary Payment Items to confirm selection.
    Note: You can only choose Payment Items that have Choose a Payment Item in the dropdown.
    Once you have matched these Payment Items, cash, cheques and direct credits will export from Tali to ParentPay.

Important! Do not enter these transactions in ParentPay as well or you will duplicate your transactions.

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