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Tali MISapp - Preparation
Tali MISapp - Preparation

Preparation for using MISapp with Tali

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Important! The tasks described below must be undertaken before you install MISapp.


Check that you have the correct permissions and access to SIMS. You must be a member of the following SIMS groups:

  • Admin Assistant

  • Class Teacher

  • Personnel Assistant and Third Party Reporting

To check you have the correct permissions in SIMS:

  1. Open Focus > System Manager > Manage Users.

  2. Search for your ID.

  3. Check the groups you belong to in Section 3.

If you do not have all these groups please contact your System Manager and ask to be added. Alternatively, you could create a System or Admin id which only uses these groups instead.

Mandatory fields

If you are importing contact details into Tali, some fields are mandatory as part of the import process however you have the option of excluding all or some of the following information:

  • UPN Is the Unique Pupil Number allocated to each pupil (This option only applies to new customers)

  • Contacts are the parent/guardian contact details for each pupil

  • Groups are the groups that a pupil is linked to i.e. free school meals

  • Staff are the staff members held in your MIS system

  • Attendance Is the pupil attendance records

Note: If you would prefer to exclude any of the items listed above from being imported into Tali you must notify a member of the support team before you run MISapp.

Marking school leavers out of use

MISapp does not automatically mark school leavers out of use. So before installing MISapp, mark any pupils and staff that have left the school as Out of Use.

  1. Open Tali > Administration > Manage Names.

  2. Locate the names in the list that you want to mark out of use and select the box to the left of each name.

  3. Under Batch Actions, select Out of Use.

  4. Click Update Name(s).

For more information on how to manage names, see the Article, How do I Manage Names?

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