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Tali MISapp - Installing MISapp
Tali MISapp - Installing MISapp

Installing MISapp to integrate with Tali

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Important! You must have performed all preparation tasks before installing MISapp. For more information, see the Article, MISapp Preparation.

Download MISapp program

  1. Download the MISapp program, by clicking MISapp download.

  2. You can either click Run to run the installation directly from there or click Save to save the MISapp program to your server.

    If you have rights you can save it to your server, otherwise select a location to which you have full access rights.

    We recommend that you install MISapp on your school server and your IT department is made aware of its installation and its need to be there. If it is installed on the server, then it won’t matter which member of staff uses their PC to access your Pebble software.

Install MISapp

  1. Go to the downloaded file location and start the installer by double clicking MISapp.msi file from your desktop (or other location in which it was saved).

  2. Click Run when you are prompted.

  3. Accept the license agreement and click Install.

  4. Click Yes at the prompt.

  5. Wait for installer to finish.

  6. Once finished, click Finish.

  7. MISapp is set to run afterwards and it opens at the Network tab by default.

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