By clicking on the links below you will find individual videos relating to specific topics in Tali and groups of videos covering a whole tab:

Topics - A run-through of each Tali Tab:

Administration Tab

Transaction Tab


Bank and Cash

Specific Tali Tabs - broken down by Tab

Transaction Tab - each topic:

Tali - Enter Income then don't forget to Tali - Pay Income to Bank

Tali - Record Expenditure

Tali - Transfer Between Accounts

Tali - Cancel Transactions

Tali - Amend Transactions

Tali - Importing Transactions and if you need it Tali - Imported transactions to the wrong bank account?

Report Tab - each topic:

Tali - Reporting Tab

Bank and Cash Tab - each topic

Tali - Bank & Cash History

Tali - Pay Income to Bank

Tali - Draw Cheque for Cash - or using a debit card for cash

Tali - Reconcile a Bank Statement and Transfer between Bank Accounts

Tali - Bank and Cash-Cancellations-Cancel/Amend etc.

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