First steps:

  1. You will need to register your school with Notify, then login and share with Pebble the API key you create for your school (steps below) or book an assistance call (Notify Setup and Training Session) via the link above to assist you in doing this

  2. You will need an email address and a mobile phone number to register with Notify

Here is the link to the Notify setup page:

3. Once you have created a user account in Notify we need you to follow these steps to create an API key that Tali can integrate with - if you prefer you can book your call with us to help you do this - Notify Setup and Training Session

4. In Notify>API integration>Create an API key:



Enter> 'Name for this key' ie. 'school name API Key for Pebble', then press 'type of key'>'Live' >Continue

Notify will then display the key which needs to be copied and shared with us via intercom, your chat button, bottom right of your Tali software.

What to do next:

If you have created your API yourself in advance as above, please remember to send it to us via Intercom, bottom right of your Tali software.

Once we've received your API Key, in order for us to add your Till App Comms and templates to Notify we need you to share your Notify account with our support account.

Once logged into Notify you can do this through - Team Members - Invite a Team Member - enter our support email and select all fields with the tick function as shown below and send to confirm.

Once your templates are added on our side, we can begin the communication with parents and kick off the onboarding process prior to your live day.

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