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OFSM - Online Free School Meals
OFSM - Online Free School Meals

OFSM Explained - How does it work?

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Many schools face the challenge of promoting free school meals and determining Pupil Premium income. Online Free School Meals (OFSM), as a product, simplifies this by streamlining the application process for families. This helps schools identify by checking directly with GOV.UK Free School Meal eligibility and Pupil Premium entitlement automatically, benefiting disadvantaged students.

OFSM cuts paperwork by allowing parents to apply online or grant permission to the school. It complies with DfE standards and relieves the school of eligibility decisions. Schools get instant notifications for new applications and eligibility changes.

Free school meal eligibility often means Pupil Premium entitlement. OFSM aids in boosting Pupil Premium funding by quickly identifying eligible students, ensuring they receive meals and maximising school income.

Schools are generally paying over the odds for OFSM - as a product but not in our software, we can link Tali to OFSM and save you some money in the process.

Interested - just drop us a message to or click the 'Chat', bottom right in Tali, and we'll come back to you with a quote - no pressure, you decide simply if you'd like to go ahead. It's a super easy setup, or really simple to switch - we just need a few basic details to get this integrated for your school.

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