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Design thinking

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Our goal is to deliver the most accurate design projects based on the specifications you set within your project description.

There are times we get it right and completely knock your design project out of the park, but there are other times that we simply don't.

But that's ok because although we may not have gotten a project right, we do have hundreds of other designers that could be a better fit for you and your company.

At Penji, we have an entire team dedicated to finding you the right designer for your company.

If at any point in time you're not satisfied with your designer, let our customer support department know.

Now, the important detail here is once you do find that designer that works well for your brand, make sure you alert your team immediately so we can continue to assign that designer to future projects.

The idea of Penji is for us to create a well-balanced team of designers that works well for your company. Don't just settle at one designer. Create a team of well-balanced designers that you love. This way when a situation arises and you need a designer for specific tasks, you know exactly who you need to use within a project to get the right designs for your business.

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