Penji's Web/app design process
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When creating a website or app, you need two elements to bring your idea to life.

Web Development and Web Design.

With Penji, we can only help you with the design. However, we have a network of developers that we can connect you to when requested. All of our partners offer discounts to Penji customers. Just mention that you are a customer, and the deal is yours!

Back to the design side. The essential element of submitting a web/app design project is the project description. We understand that UX/UI projects can be incredibly complex, so make sure you add the following within your project description:

- Your style guides
- Any brand document
- Vision boards, or even UX/UI kits.

We recommend that every page of your app or website should be a dedicated project. There are times when multiple screens or pages are very similar to one another. If that's the case, keep one centralized idea within one project.

For example, if you need internal pages of a website designed, and they all have the same style, you can submit one project but ask for more than one deliverable.

Note that adding more to a project may increase the time of your deliverable and go beyond our maximum turnaround time of 48 hours.

If you are using Penji to complete a web/app design project, we recommend that you budget from one to six months to ensure that the project is complete and that all revisions are correctly made. Once the design is complete, make sure you download the files and be ready to send them to your dev team.

You can send developer PSD files or even Adobe XD files, and they should understand/know what to do with the files. We primarily work in Adobe-related software. However, we are constantly expanding our service. Make sure to ask about your favorite tools to see if they have been approved as a preferred vendor of Penji.

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