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How to add new team members within my account?
How to add new team members within my account?

Adding your team to Penji.

Updated over a week ago

When you log into Penji check the top of your Dashboard's Header.

- Here you will see the word ‘People’ click on People.
- In the upper right, click on ‘Invite people’ Add your team member's email(s).

If you have multiple emails you'd like to add, make sure you separate the emails using a comma. Choose the level of access you'd like to give your team members. Once you're done, click ‘Send Invite’ and an email will be delivered to these people shortly. Do note that everyone within your account will have access inside of Penji and will be able to see all projects within your account. There is no way for us to separate or allow access to your people for certain projects.

In the upper right corner next to your name, there's a down-facing arrow. This opens a drop-down menu that has your account information. Select ‘Invite members’ and add the individual's email address, if more than one be sure to add a comma after each individual email address.

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