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Why aren’t my projects moving by itself?
Why aren’t my projects moving by itself?

Communication is key. Here's why your projects aren't moving along as fast as you'd like.

Updated over a week ago

Penji works in a queue. This basically means that we can only work on those projects that are located in your active queue. We only work on that specific project until it's complete and will not move on until you mark it as complete. If you have a large project that needs a lot of back and forth, at times our designers will ask for your opinion or confirmation. A comment will be needed in order to move the project forward. Once you receive a notification from Penji that either a new update has been made or the project has been submitted, you will need to log into Penji in order to continue moving the project forward. A simple comment is needed and it will immediately help the designer to continue moving forward in seeing the project to completion.

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