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Can I work with the same designer on all of my projects?
Can I work with the same designer on all of my projects?
Updated over a week ago

You can, yes. However, not initially.

Penji has hundreds of qualified designers ready to work on your projects at all times. Pending your design requests, Penji will pair you with the best designer for the job. As you progress throughout Penji, you will be assigned different designers on projects. The more tasks you submit initially will allow us to understand your workflow better and assign the right designer to your projects over time.

Within your first few projects, your project management team will be monitoring your progression to help build a team of designers that know the ins and outs of brands or projects.

Whenever we find the right design team that you work well with, your team will automatically assign you to those core designers. Although you have preferred designers assigned to your account, they can never be guaranteed, as some designers may take a PTO or be busy working with other clients for that specific day.

No reason to worry, though; that's the beauty of your team!

If one of your preferred designers is not available, someone else will be ready to take on your project's needs.

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