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How to get revisions back faster
How to get revisions back faster
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Everyone hates revisions, including us.

We want to ensure that every project is completed promptly and of quality. However, revisions happen, and it’s a part of the service.

If you want to receive faster revisions, the best tip is to find a way not to need any modifications. Primarily, this is dependent on creating the perfect project brief. You can find out more about this here:

However, to receive revisions faster, the best way to do this is the following:

  1. Submit more examples

  2. Use the point and click the tool

  3. Record a video if needed

Point and Click Tool

Penji’s point and click tool allow you to revise with pinpoint accuracy. You no longer have to look at a design and not know where the revision goes. You also don’t have to write complex or confusing emails about what you want to be changed.

Click into a project.



And enter your revision.

Once received, the revision will take 24 hours to complete.

Record a video

Sometimes a revision is complex and requires a lot of effort. We have suggested that our customers sign up for and record a video using Loom. It’s typically free to use, and it might give you a slight edge to quickly discuss and point out your revisions requests.

As always, we side on the err of caution. Meaning that just because a video is created, we also recommend writing out your revisions to ensure your edits are done promptly.

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