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How many revisions can I request at a time?
How many revisions can I request at a time?
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There is no limit on how many revisions you can submit. You may request as many as you need until the design is exactly the way you want it to be!

Get closer to your designers by navigating through all communication tools within your projects:

  • Project chat: Easily communicate with your designers using the chat window

  • Attachments: Send any image, document, or any other file for reference by clicking on the "clip" icon

  • Microphone: In a hurry? easily record and send audio messages

  • Point-and-Click Tool: This allows you to revise with pinpoint accuracy. You no longer have to look at a design and not know where the revision goes. You also don’t have to write complex or confusing emails about what you want to be changed.

  • Record a video: Sometimes a revision is complex and requires a lot of effort. We have suggested that our customers sign up for and record a video using Loom It’s typically free to use, and it might give you a slight edge to quickly discuss and point out your revision requests. As always, we side on the error of caution. This means that just because a video is created, we also recommend writing out your revisions to ensure your edits are done promptly.

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