Why can't I publish my funnel?

In this help article, we will walk you through possible reasons that keep you from publishing your funnel and show you how to fix them.

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Below you can read through several reasons why publishing does not work. Please go through the following points step by step and check whether you’ve followed everything accordingly.

  • Did you connect all pages in your funnel correctly?

    Please check all buttons as well as text URLs.

  • Can you find an invalid video link in the funnel?

    Please test if your video link works properly by opening the link in a new window. Also, double-check if you have all permission rights. Should there be a problem with the video, you can first upload your video to another platform and then use that link in your own funnel.

  • Do you use an incorrect URL for your button?

    Check all buttons and text URLs in your funnel.

  • Did you use a photo from Unsplash that may no longer be available?

    Check all images or photos in your funnel. If an image is no longer displayed on Unsplash, please replace or delete it.

  • Did you create other funnel pages besides your results pages?

    Important to know is that your funnel should have at least 1 regular page. Please make sure to add one in case you didn’t create one in the past. If you like your funnel to have one page only, we recommend building your results page as a regular page.

  • Is your font still up to date?

    The font that you’ve used in the design of your funnel is no longer supported by Google and prevents the funnel from being published. What can you do now? One possible solution is to change your design and use the Perspective template, then try to publish the funnel once again.

  • Is your domain working properly?

    To test this, publish your funnel once on the perspective domain - yourcompany.perspectivefunnel.co. If you can publish your funnel successfully, check if your own domain is correctly linked.

  • Have you tried publishing a duplicate yet?

    Please duplicate your funnel and publish the duplicate. Does the same error occur here?

  • You have followed all the steps mentioned above and your funnel still won't publish?

    Perhaps a technical problem is at work that you cannot solve yourself. In this case, please contact our support team. We will go ahead and talk with our product team so that we can solve the issue together.

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