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Deep dive: Which funnel fits my marketing goal?
Deep dive: Which funnel fits my marketing goal?

Learn about choosing the right Perspective Funnel template & more.

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What you'll learn:

  • What funnel templates are out there

  • Which funnel best fits your goal

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1. How to find the right funnel

Before you can choose the right funnel template, you should be sure about what your marketing goal is and who your target customer is. You can find more information about this in our academy, the path to success.

2. Marketing goal: Generate appointments

With Mobile Funnels, you can automatically fill your calendar with qualified appointments. Your funnel effectively pre-qualifies your target group with targeted questions and automatically delivers appointments. During the conversation then, you meet a prospect who is looking for your solution to their problem. 👇

We recommend the following funnels:

3. Marketing goal: Attract Talent

Beat the skills shortage with social recruiting and reach not only candidates who are actively looking, but also those who are not looking but are willing to switch. Those who click on your ad on social media open the recruiting funnel and can easily apply to your open position in 2 minutes. The result? Qualified applications from the best talent. 👇

We recommend the following funnels:

4. Marketing goal: Build email list

Build up your own audience easily & inexpensively through an own email list. This way you become independent of expensive advertising costs, generate contacts cheaply, build a large list & manage to establish a relationship. After a while, your contacts will love your valuable content and want to become customers.👇

We recommend you the following funnels:

5. Marketing Goal: Generate online sales

Direct customers to the right offers by asking specific questions and creating a more intensive customer connection. Mobile funnels with an interesting hook draw your target group's attention to products and help them get to know your brand.👇

We recommend the following funnels:

6. Marketing Goal: Get target group insights

Get to know your customers and then target them in turn. Ask your questions, get your prospects' answers. With mobile funnels, you can get the exact information that will help you target your audience laser-sharp to effectively solve their problems with your offer.👇

We recommend the following funnels:

And now have fun building your funnel!

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