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How do I upgrade my plan? What happens the moment I upgrade?
How do I upgrade my plan? What happens the moment I upgrade?

Find out how to change and upgrade your plan, when the new plan activates, and billing information here.

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When can I upgrade my plan?

Have you used all your quotas, funnels and domains your current plan provides? Do you need more capacity? In this case it is time to switch to another plan with more features available. At the same time, you can change your monthly to a yearly payment the way it is easier for you.

How can I upgrade my plan?

  1. In your Perspective account, click on your profile (the blue dot) in the upper right corner.

  2. Next, go to "Settings"

  3. Navigate to "Subscription" to find your current plan

  4. Click on "Manage plan" and select your desired plan

More information about our plans and prices HERE.

How long does it take for my update to be active?

You can choose to activate the new plan immediately or at the end of the term of your current plan.

What happens to the payment I have already made?

As soon as you upgrade, the amount you already paid for will be offset against the new plan on a pro-rata basis. This way, you only have to pay any additional amount and can start using your new plan right away.

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