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How to create a workspace?
How to create a workspace?

Create a Workspace in a few minutes

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Step 1: Add Workspace

First you'll need to add a workspace to your account. This can be done by clicking the "Add Workspace" button located in the left sidebar of your dashboard.

Step 2: Name and Personalize Your Workspace

Once you click the "Add Workspace" button, you'll be given the opportunity to name and personalize your workspace with an icon.

Step 3: Choose a Subdomain and Add Funnels

Next, you'll need to choose a subdomain for the workspace. This will be the address that team members or clients will use to access the workspace. Once you've setup the subdomain, you'll need to add the funnels that you'd like to use for this workspace.

Step 4: Invite up to 10 Users

Once all these steps are complete, you're ready to invite up to 10 team members to access the workspace. Simply provide the user's email address and they will be added to the workspace with CRM access to all the funnels.

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