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Why do I see different numbers in Meta compared to Perspective?
Why do I see different numbers in Meta compared to Perspective?

Find out why your lead numbers may differ in your ad manager

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Your lead numbers in Meta may differ from your numbers in Perspective due to several different factors. This is actually quite normal at first and usually nothing to worry about.

If you have more leads in Perspective than in Meta, it could be due to the following points:

  • Funnel visitor rejects cookies (pixel does not fire)

  • Funnel visitor opens in incognito window (CAPI does not track either)

  • Funnel visitor uses VPN

  • Consideration of different conversion periods

If you have more leads in Meta than in Perspective, it could be due to the following points:

  • Missing deduplication-> Check whether the CAPI is set up correctly

  • "Wrong" event mapping: Disqualified leads that come to the rejection page and are still tracked as leads-> Remove the page view event on your rejection page from your tracking

  • Events are tracked twice-> Solution: Check whether you have mapped both the button in the form and the thank you page as a lead event, for example.

💡 We generally recommend tracking the button click on the opt-in form as a "lead" event in almost all cases. Find out here how to set up your Meta Pixel & CAPI tracking properly.

  • You have already deleted test leads or other leads from your Perspective account-> Calculate out the deleted leads

In the Ads Manager at Meta, some numbers are estimates or projections from Meta (so-called "conversion modeling", see here).

According to Meta, in addition to your tracked data, audience statistics, other third-party data, historical performance, etc. can also be included here, which means that if you want to be sure that you have the correct and complete data, it is always advisable to check the Meta Events Manager or the Perspective statistics directly.

Find more information on the following topics in our Helpcenter:

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