It's 6:00 pm and you realize that you won't have any unsold merchandise tonight. Congratulations for this exemplary management of your goods! 🌍

If your anti-waste basket of the day has not yet been purchased, then go quickly to your professional space to remove it before it is reserved!

😥 But what if my basket have already been bought?

👉 If you have not yet removed the advertisement and people have already placed orders, you have the possibility to cancel these orders up to 1 hour before the end of the pick-up time-slot. 🕒🙂

For example : if you propose a pick-up time-slot from 2pm to 7pm for your basket and you realise that you will not have any merchandise to put in your basket today, you have until 6pm at the latest to cancel the order placed by a user, i.e. 1 hour before 7pm.

🙏 We nevertheless ask you to be vigilant and to cancel your baskets as soon as possible if necessary, so as not to make a user move unnecessarily!

❌ How to cancel an order

👉 To cancel an order, go to your professional space > section "My Orders" > "Current Orders" and click on the "Cancel" button to the right of the order to be cancelled.

  • The customer will then be immediately notified by SMS or e-mail not to come and collect the basket, and will be refunded.

  • Your basket will not be put back online for the same day, unless you decide to re-publish it manually.

👉 If you are less than 1 hour from the end of the pick-up time-slot, it is too late to cancel a paid order. If you really can't honour it, contact the Phenix team quickly at and we will do our best to find a solution!

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