🥝 Access your invoices in one click

Login to your professional space on app.wearephenix.com, and click on "My Bills" from the home page.

✨ In the "Your invoices" section at the bottom of the page, you will find your invoices month by month with :

👉 the number of baskets sold

👉 the amount to be received or collected

👉 the status of the bank transfer :

  • Pending: receipt for the current month which will be transferred to you once the month is over.

  • Paid: the amount of your income for the month has been credited to your bank account.

  • In transit: the transfer of this invoice has been made, the sum is on its way to your bank account.

  • Not paid: the transfer of this invoice is blocked, an update of your bank details is necessary to release it.

👉 You can download each invoice in PDF format to access its details. The current month's invoice will only be available once the month has passed and the transfer has been made.

💡 Useful links

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How do I fill in my bank details?

🧁 Need help?

Trouble with your invoices? Do not hesitate to contact the Phenix team at the number or email address indicated in your space 🙂

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