How do I fill in my bank details?

What documents do I need to provide to receive my payments?

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To receive monthly transfers of your Phenix anti-waste Basket revenues, remember to fill in your company's bank details before the end of the month! 📆

🍓 How to proceed

👉 Go to your merchant area on, then to the "Billing" tab.

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👉 In the first part, "Your billing information", indicate your company name, SIRET number, IBAN, etc. and do not forget to save and click on "update".

👉 Then click on the button "Launch validation" in the second part.

Stripe, our payment provider, may ask you for the following information (to be downloaded in png, jpg or pdf format)

  • a K-bis,

  • an identity card, passport or driving licence in colour of the person responsible for the business (photos of the front and back),

  • a proof of address of the person in charge.

Once the documents are uploaded in your space, your company status will be validated by Stripe within 48 hours ⏳. After this period, remember to log in to check the validation!

💡 Useful links

🧁 Need help?

Don’t hesitate to contact the Phenix team at the number or email address indicated at your space🙂

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