Your monthly Phenix invoice is available and can be downloaded from the 'Billing' tab in your merchant area. You also received it by e-mail if you chose this option when you registered.

The invoice is composed of 3 parts :

  1. The invoice summary

  2. The Phenix commission

  3. Details of your baskets sales

👉 1st page : the invoice summary

The first page summarises :

✔ The amount of your sales on the application during the month

The first line shows the total amount including VAT of your sales of anti-waste baskets made via the application during the month. Phenix does not collect VAT on the products that compose the baskets: you are required to declare and pay the appropriate VAT corresponding to the sale of the anti-waste baskets to your customers. In case of multiple VATs in a basket, it is recommended to declare the highest VAT.

🚨 Important : on statements issued before February 2021, this first line mentioned the indicative VAT to be declared for the baskets and the corresponding amount excluding VAT. This basket VAT had been communicated by the merchant at the time of registration and was given as an indication only.

✔ The Phenix commission we charge

The amount of the Phenix commission is charged in % of the basket price. This % varies according to the country.

In addition, a VAT may be applied to the Phenix commission depending on your country as well.

✔ The final amount you will actually receive

The 'Total' line corresponds to the amount to be paid by Phenix to the merchant. It is the difference between the amount including VAT of the basket sales and the amount including VAT of the commission taken by Phenix. A negative amount means that you will receive a transfer from us.

Example of a summary statement:

👉 2nd page: the Phenix commission invoice

This 'Invoice' page shows the amounts, excluding VAT and including VAT, of the commission deducted by Phenix from the baskets sold during the month, as well as the VAT of the commission.

This invoice does not need to be paid, as the amount of the Phenix commission has already been deducted from the retrocession due for the sale of baskets on the application (see the 1st page 'Summary').

This invoice has an accounting value.

Example of an invoice for the Phenix commission:

👉 3rd and subsequent pages: details of your basket sales

The following pages of the monthly statement list all the sales of waste-free baskets made on the application during the month. This comprehensive list can be particularly useful for tracking your accounts.

For each sales you will find:

  • The sale date

  • The order number

  • The quantity

  • The basket title

  • The amount paid by the customer including VAT.

  • The indicative VAT of the basket - only for statements issued before February 2021: the VAT of the baskets was mentioned as an indication and was communicated by the merchant at the time of registration. Phenix does not collect VAT on the products in the baskets.

Example of a detailed statement of basket sales :

🍰 Did you know that you can also find and check the details of your basket sales in the 'My Orders' tab on your merchant area?

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