How much will I get back from the sale of my baskets?

We pay you the amount of your basket sales minus our success commission of €0.83 excluding VAT per basket sold below €5, or 17% of the price if the basket is sold more than 5€.

How often are transfers made? 📅

Transfers are triggered at the beginning of each month for the previous month's sales (e.g. on 3 February we trigger the transfer for January sales), so that you receive your receipts in the first fortnight of the month. One condition: your bank details must be up to date in your professional space. Don't forget to fill them in if you haven't already done so! 🙂

💡 Liens utiles

How to easily login my phenix space?

How do I fill in my bank details?

🧁 Need help?

A doubt, a question about your bank transfers? Don't hesitate to contact the Phenix team at the numbe ror email address indicated in your space 🙂

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