The Phenix app adapts to the needs of its partner retailers 💙

To allow you to save all your unsold goods without pressure, you have the possibility to publish the quantity and variety of ads that exactly match your needs. One or more baskets simultaneously, one or more days per week, it's up to you! ✨

🥐 How are the ads organised?

  • A created ad can be 'active' (set to be published) or 'inactive' (waiting to be published).

  • To save you time, all created ads are kept, even when they are inactive.

  • You can access your ad catalogue to publish them at any time (unless you decide to delete them).

  • The ads you create can be modified and duplicated!

👉 To find your active and inactive ads, log in to your professional space : you will find them on the home page or in more detail in the "My ads" section!

💡 Useful links

How to create a new ad ?

What products can I put into a Phenix basket?

🧁 Need help?

If you need advice, please contact the Phenix team at the number and email address indicated in your space.

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