In your professional space you can easily create an advert to publish anti-waste baskets : the adverts created will be kept on the platform and will only be active when you decide to. Therefore, we advise you to take the time to create attractive adverts to maximise your chances of saving your goods ! You can choose how you want to publish each of your ads.

We explain the different steps to create your ad right here ✨:

1. Fill in the details of your new ad 🍣

On the homepage of your professional space click on “New advert”

👉 Then complete the differents fields


Chose a short and explicit title :

  • For example, if your basket depends on the daily unsold (perishable?) goods you could use “Surprise basket”, “Seasonal surprise basket”, “Baking (Baker’s?) surprise basket”

  • if your basket is composed of one particular product or several specific products you can be more precise in your description. For instance, “Royal Medium Pizza”, “Mix of organic biscuit” ect.

Product types🥩🍩

Thanks to Phenix you can propose a great range of baskets composed of your perishable goods such as bread and pastries, fruit, vegetables, dairy products, meat, prepared meals, delicatessen, salad, supermarket products alcohol, fish and seafood, on-the-go food (sandwich, bagels), flowers,and even beauty products ! If your basket does not correspond to one of these categories, type ‘other’, provided that the products are perishable and need to be saved before they can no longer be consumed.


The “diet” filter is a functionality often used by users to better target baskets on the app. Do not hesitate to tick any of these diets : vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, lactose-free, organic, local production, kosher, halal, bulk ...

Description of your basket 🍲🌮

This short description encourages users to save your baskets!

  • If you compose a surprise basket and can not elaborate a detailed description, it is still important to give an idea of the basket’s content. For example you could write : Savoury surprise basket that can contain : pizza, bread, puff pastry ...The composition of the basket depends on the perishable goods of the day. Success guaranteed ! 😍

  • If you compose a basket with one or several specific products, add different details such as the weight, the taste, the mention 'home-made’, ‘ideal for meal on the go’, or ‘ideal for an after-school snack’. Be creative !

Basket price 💶

You have to mention the initial price of your basket. If you compose a ‘surprise basket’ the initial price is the minimal value of the product that you agree to put into the basket. This way, you would not have to change the price for each publication. For instance, a greengrocer can propose a ‘fruit and vegetables basket’ with an initial price of 12euros but put 12,50€ of goods on Monday, 13€ on Tuesday and 12€on Wednesday…. The most important thing is to propose a basket that is equal to the initial price announced in the advert.

Afterwards, you need to indicate thethe percentage discount that you want to apply, or the price after the discount (in both cases the calculation of the price or percentage will be done automatically). At Phenix, the majority of retailers apply a discount of 50% on the initial price of the basket. This discount usually satisfies both the retailer and the users which guarantee an efficient and fair rescue of the perishable goods.

Picture 🌭

We advise you to use a nice, appetizing and representative picture of your basket. This picture is not contractual, especially if you compose ‘surprise basket’. For example, if your basket is titled ‘Sunday’s Pie’, you can use the picture of your favourite pie and you will not have to change it every time which will reinforce the effect of surprise for the user.

Note : No picture at hand, no worries ! While you are looking for the perfect picture, our team will add one matching the type of basket you have selected.

2. Choose the publication mode

Once all the details of the advert are registered, you can choose to publish it immediately or save it for editing or publish it later. In order to better tackle your need, you can activate your ad in 3 different ways: 'recurring', 'one-off' or 'Until sold out'.

Recurring publication

You can automatically schedule your publications from 1 to 7 day per week, planning for each day the number of baskets to publish. Once the recurrency is configured, there is no need to log in your professional space, unless you want to adjust the quantity of baskets. By using the recurring publication mode, you create a better visibility for your baskets, a regular and sustainable no-waste routine while retaining the loyalty of your 'basket savers'. We strongly advise you to use this publication mode for better sales of baskets

To configure your recurrency, create your calender of publication and add :

  • The publication days one by one

  • Daily quantities

  • The publication and pick-up slots for each day you decide to publish (the hours informed in the section “My store infos” are proposed by default, but you can change them).

One-time publication ✅

This mode of publication is useful if you want to test the platform and assimilate the different features available. It can also be selected if you have a limited and irregular amount of unsold goods. However, this method is much more inconvenient as you need to log in every time you want to publish a basket. Moreover, the lack of regularity might impact your sales rate. Nevertheless, if you wish to publish with a one-time mode, you have to indicate the quantity of basket in the “Quantity” and choose the day of publication (Today or Tomorrow). You also need to add the pick-up slot. Afterward, save the advert at the bottom of the page and it will be published one-time according to your set-up.

Until sold-out publication

This mode is reserved for goods which do not have an urgent minimal durability date (for example: sweets) With this methods, you choose to sell a number of baskets over a defined period of time : the app will automatically publish according to your weekly calendar (day and time-slot chosen) and will stop publishing either when there is no more baskets to sell or the date of minimal durability has been reached !

👉To publish a advert with this methods you need to specify

  1. The quantity of products or the number of baskets to be saved,

  2. The day and time-slot of publication (in the weekly calendar) that could correspond to your opening hours,

  3. The end of the date of minimal durability.

💡 Liens utiles

I wish to activate, deactivate or change an advert

How to modify my 'Publication time-slot' and 'pick-up time-slot'?
What is the difference between a "recurring" ad, "one-time" ad and a "until sold out" ad?

🧁Need help ?

Don't hesitate to contact the Phenix team and write at the number and email address indicated in your space🙂

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