When you create your ad, you can choose between 3 publication types :

  • 'recurrent' publication,

  • 'one-time' publication,

  • ‘until sold out' publication.

Which one of these three publication types is more adequate to my undosles goods? But above all, which one will give you the best chance of saving your baskets? 😉

🍏 'Recurring' publication

With recurring publication, you schedule automatic publications, by estimating the number of baskets to be published and the desired frequency of publication, which can range from 1 day to 7 days a week. The application will publish them according to the schedule you specify.

Advantages: convenience and regularity

  • You keep your mind free, no need to think about logging in every time you need to publish.

  • You always have the possibility to adjust your publication the same day, by increasing or decreasing the quantities published, or even cancelling the publication if necessary.

  • If you're just starting out on the app, this is the best solution: it allows you to set up a sustainable no-waste routine, to build loyalty among your future 'basket savers' and to ensure a good sales rate!


None! 😁

🥗 ‘One-time’ publication

With this method of publication, you will manually publish your ads on a daily basis.


This solution should only be considered if you rarely have unsold goods and on a very irregular basis.

Disadvantages: restrictive and lower sales rate

  • You have to log in to your professional space every time you want to publish, the same day or the day before.

  • Beware of the loss of motivation over time!

  • If you are irregular, users may miss your unsold ads... It would be such a shame not to be able to save them 😪

🍫 Publication ‘Until Sold out’

This publication type is usually reserved to products with a date of minimum durability (DMD), such as sweets. There's no rush to save these baskets on the day: let the app publish your stock until the deadline you specify.

👉 When you set your 'until sold out' ad, indicate:

  • your total stock of baskets in MDD to save,

  • your weekly publication schedule: publication days, publication and withdrawal times,

  • deadline for saving them.

The application will then publish them according to your schedule and will stop publishing when all the stock has been saved or when the deadline has been reached!

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🙂 Need help choosing the best way to publish ?

If you need advice, please contact the Phenix team at the number and email address indicated in your space!

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