1. What is the difference between ‘publication time-slot and the ‘pick-up time slot’?

Publication time-slot 📲

This time-slot includes the hour at which your advert is published, in other words visible by users on the app and ready to be saved. The publication time-slot can be earlier than the pick-up time slot. In fact, the sooner you publish an ad the better is its visibility on the app and your chances to find a buyer.

Pick-up time-slot 🏃‍♀️

This time-slot represents the period of time during which the buyers can collect their baskets at your shop. It is better to have a long slot as it gives more flexibility for users to collect their baskets. Bearing that in mind we advise you against having a time-slot inferior to 30minutes

👀 Attention! You can only set one pick-up time-slot per day, and it can nor be paused. If you business close during the day, you have two options :

  • You can clearly indicate your closing time in the description of your ad and avoid users coming during this time.

  • You can limit the time-slot to the morning or the afternoon.

2. How can I change the publication and pick-up time-slots ?

You can change both time-slots at any time, in two different ways :

  1. On the tab “My store info” you can choose the pick-up time slot that will be applied by default. So handy! If you decide to change the time-slot, do not forget to register your modifications at the bottom of the page ! 🍋

  2. On the tab of your existing ad, we advise you to go to the detailed page of each ad and check/change the time-slots

3. The specific case of weekly publicationations time-slot

Do you have “recurring” or “until sold out” ads which are automatically published according to a weekly calendar, and you wish to change the hours by default for specific days ? Acces the details page of your ad, then its calendar of publication at the bottom of the page and manually change the hours for the relevant days. Don’t forget to register your modifications at the bottom of the page.

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