Unable to connect Plaato Airlock to WiFi

Troubleshooting steps for connecting Plaato Airlock to WiFi

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WiFi connectivity challenges can sometimes occur when trying to connect and set up Plaato Airlock. Here are some troubleshooting steps to help you narrow down the possible root cause and find a resolution.

Important: Please run through all the troubleshooting steps listed in this article.

If the issue persists, write in to us using the messenger app and the bottom of this page letting us know:

  • A rundown of the troubleshooting steps you have taken and the results

  • Details of your Airlock: How old it is, what version it is

  • Full details of your Mobile device or the devices you have tried to connect on.

  • Details of your WiFi Set Up; the speed, any special security/firewall settings.

  • Screenshots or videos of the connection process you are taking, also showing the error message you are seeing.

Troubleshooting Steps - Your WiFi Router

  1. Check that your Plaato Airlock is powered by a 5V & 1.5A minimum adapter.

  2. When you plug it into power, do the LEDs start in "Setup-mode" If not, Reset your Airlock

  3. Double-check that your network name and password are correct. Especially if it has been changed recently. The app will not notify you if the password is wrong.

  4. Check that you are connecting to a 2.4 GHz network only and not a 5 GHz network. If you have a dual network, split both bands if possible and set up different SSIDs and passwords for each band.

  5. Your WiFi network password must not exceed 34 characters

  6. Your WiFi network name or password must not contain the sign "&"

  7. Restart your WiFi router. Try reconnecting the Airlock and stay very close to your router when you are connecting.

  8. If your WiFi recently rebooted automatically, check if anything has changed on it.

    You might need to reset your Airlock to connect.

  9. The WiFi signal in the room you are in might not be optimal. If so, try moving to another room with better WiFi-reception

  10. Make sure you are not trying to connect to a “WPA & WPA2 Enterprise” network (often used in offices), and your shield does not support this security method

Troubleshooting Steps - Hotspot Wifi

If connection to your WiFi router still fails after running through the steps above, try connecting to a different Wi-Fi network or a shared Hotspot connection from your phone. If your Airlock connects to this other network, then the failed connection issues lies with your WiFi router set-up.

Troubleshooting Steps - Hardware

Try connecting with a different USB-charger

Note: We have seen situations from customers whose Airlock connected after subsequent attempts. Please be patient and try connecting a couple of times.

If the issue persists, write in to us at support@plaato.io letting us know what troubleshooting steps you have taken and the results. Please also attach the responses listed here

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