Plaato Pro sends brewing data insights to the Plaato Pro App for you to access at anytime, anywhere ⚡ Data is transmitted to your app every 20 minutes. Here is how to set your brewing data preference 👇🏼

Temperature and Density Unit

  • Launch your Plaato Pro App (Mobile App)

  • Tap Account > App Settings. Select "Celsius" or "Fahrenheit"

  • Tap Account > App Settings. Select "Plato" or "Specific Gravity"


  • Open PLAATO Cloud on your Web browser and log in

  • Tap on your account name at the top right of your screen and select "Account"

Rename your Device

To personalise your Plaato Pro by giving them unique 🆒 names, follow the quick steps below 👇🏼

  • Launch your app, tap on Devices and select the device you want to rename

  • Tap the "Pen" icon at the top right corner of the device you want to rename

  • Tap in on the existing name field, enter the new name of the device.

  • Tap on "Save Device Name" to save

Experimental Features

To try out features that are currently under development on the Plaato Pro App, toggle on "Experimental Feature" in your Account Settings.

Please note that these features are still in Beta.

  1. Launch your Plaato Pro App/Web App

  2. Tap Account > App Settings > Toggle on "Experimental Features"

After setting your preference, you can start your batch! All systems go 🚀🚀 🚀

To understand how monitoring your data with Plaato Pro helps with quality control, please continue the series by clicking below 👇

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