Export Plaato Pro data

How to export your fermentation data

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Plaato Pro empowers you with fermentation data to support your decision making process and help in improving the quality of your brews. You can access your brewing data on the app, and also export it in .csv format. Here is how👇🏼

Plaato Pro Mobile App (iOS and Android)

  1. Launch your Plaato Pro App

  2. Go to "Devices"

  3. Click on the Plaato Pro device you want to export data from

  4. Scroll to the bottom of the page

  5. Click on "Export Data"

Your fermentation data will be sent to your registered email address immediately.

Plaato Pro Web App


  1. On the left navigation menu, click on "Devices"

  2. Select the device you are looking to export data from

  3. Click on "Summary"

  4. Click on "Export Data" to export your data

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