Please handle the device with care. The fork / tines are sensitive, and must be protected from impact when not mounted into a fermentation tank.

  • When not mounted inside a fermenter, keep your device away from impact by storing it in its protective bag

  • Avoid bending the fork

  • Keep the tines away from any impact

  • Avoid holding the fork with your hands

  • Make sure not to induce impacts between fork and other surfaces

Important: Impact to the fork or wrong handling might offset its calibration values, and require a new calibration procedure.

Designated use

Plaato Pro should only be used as a density meter for liquids.

Incorrect use may pose a hazard. To ensure that the device remains in proper condition for the operation time:

  • The measuring devices may only be used for media against which the process-wetted materials are adequately resistant.

  • The limit values in "Technical Data" must be maintained.

Product safety

This device is designed in accordance with good engineering practice to meet current safety requirements, and has left the factory in a condition in which it is safe to use.

It meets general safety standards and legal requirements, including FCC, CE and FDA.

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