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The functionings of the Pro Connector

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The Pro Connector serves as a bridge between your WiFi router and the Plaato Pro, it allows for a smooth and seamless connection between the Plaato Pro and your WiFi router.

How the Pro Connector works

  • Using the provided ethernet cable, connect the Pro connector to your WiFi router and connect the other end of the ethernet cable into the WAN port on the Pro Connector

  • All three white LEDs will turn on from a L-R sequence. When all the three LEDS are on, it is a visual indicator that there is a successfully connection to Plaato Cloud.


  1. The Pro Connector needs to remain connected to your WiFi router at all times the Plaato Pro is in use. It is not a one-time connection.

  2. You can connect more than one Plaato Pro device to a single Pro Connector.

  3. The Pro Connector has been programmed to connect your Plaato Pro to your WiFi router and to Plaato Cloud. Fiddling with the buttons on the Pro Connector will cause it to factory reset. Avoid pushing on any of the buttons on the Pro Connector.

Troubleshooting the Pro Connector

Here is what to do to check your device is still connected to Plaato Cloud.

  1. Launch your Plaato Pro App

  2. Tap on "Devices"

  3. All devices still connected to Plaato Cloud will display this WiFi Favicon. It will be displayed right by the battery level icon.

  4. Devices that have lost connection to Plaato Cloud will have a "No WiFi connection" symbol, as displayed here.

What to do

Disconnect and reconnect the Pro Connector to your WiFi router.

If the issue persists, please write in to us. You can use the messenger app at the bottom right of this page or write to You should let us know:

  1. The state of the LEDs on your Pro Connector

  2. What connection symbol is displayed by your device in your app

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