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User - Enabling Session To Automatically Start
User - Enabling Session To Automatically Start

Step-by-step guide on how to allow Plugzio devices to automatically start sessions when you plug in

Written by Douglas Sim
Updated over a week ago

Initial Requirements

  • This article assumes that the device's manager has granted you access to the device.

  • This article assumes that the device's manager has configured the device to allow "Single User Auto-start" as per Manager - Setting Up Single User Auto-start.


  • Locate the Plugzio that you want to use

  • Make sure the LED on the device is breathing a cyan (i.e. light blue) color.

  • When activating a device that is configured to allow sessions to automatically start, you will see an additional section below the payment plan information offering you to enable sessions to automatically start.

  • It is strongly advised you review the functionality and risks of allowing sessions to automatically start. You can review this information by clicking on the "LEARN ABOUT AUTOMATICALLYS TARTING SESSIONS" button.
    - You can also learn more about this feature and the risks here.

  • If you are willing to accept the risk, check the checkbox, plug in and then select "CONFIRM" to start the session.

  • Upon selecting confirm, the session start normally.

  • When the session ends by unplugging, the LED of the device will be breathing white instead of cyan. This indicates that auto-start is enabled and plugging in next time will automatically trigger a session under your user account.
    - Note that ending a session from the dashboard instead of unplugging will disable auto-start. You will then need to manually activate a session to re-enable auto-start.

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